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SPM Automatic Polishing Machine For Marble

SPM Automatic Polishing Machine For Marble

Machine is with higher automation operation and lower labor the strength.

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1.This machine polished the surface for polishing marble slabs.
2.Using the PLC system and liquid crystal display screen menu, offering intelligent control.
3.Establishing Auto-dodging function and shape-memory function, equipping with an alarming advice of the abrasive consumption, having high automation operation and low labor strength.
4.Allocation the flexibility polishing heads for marble, prominent improvement on the polishing efficiency and polishing quality, and greatly reduced abrasive consumption.
5.Using the most advanced high-quality construction, rational structure, high stability and efficiency, and energy saving operation.
6.The polishing heads, the upper head assemblies, and the key bearings all have central automatic lubrication systems.
7.The power movement of polishing heads uses the narrow V belt with teeth set, to improve slab flatness, reduce movement consumption and enhance the longer service life.
Appellation SPM Series Automatic Polishing Machine For Marble
Max.processing width(Optional) (mm) 800~2200
Max.processing height (mm) 60
Belt advanced speed (m/min) 0~3
Number of grinding head(Optional) (pcs) 16/20
Water consumption (m³/h ) 25
Air consumption (m³/h ) 16
Power of main motor (kW) 11
Total power (kW) 185
Dimension(m) 11500x2800x2200
Weight (T) 20~28
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