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The independently researched and produced bridge-type combined stone cutter won the "Fujian Province Individual Champion" award.


Do not forget the original intention and move forward. In 2017, Greatoo was rated as a "Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise" in Fujian Province.


After 25 years of trials and hardships, Greatoo won a well-known trademark in China. In the same year, its products were fully upgraded and revised. The high-performance and high-value new products once again set off a frenzy of industry innovation.


To cater to the global industry 4.0 era, we will make every effort to develop CNC products. The research and development of cross-generation products such as CNC profiling cutting machines and CNC infrared bridge stone cutters play a key role in the reform and development of the stone processing industry.


Companies continue to uphold the "good governance, professional spirit, the pursuit of innovation, the value of sharing" business philosophy, has become the industry-recognized Chinese stone equipment field, one of the most powerful known.


Company continues to invest research and development of new products, leading the stone industry, advanced stone processing equipment.


The company launched a unified national service hotline platform, tracking customers from ordering, logistics, installation, maintenance and so the whole process, realize zero distance communication with customers, and become China Stone Machinery market is the most complete service management system.


In order to strengthen the company's patented product, the product research and development, for a number of product patents, has continued ever since.


Company passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, followed by the European CE safety certification, is now importing the entire process of production and quality control, product quality assurance for the development of the company embarked on a virtuous circle.


In marketing, the company by strengthening service team, strengthen internal management, increasing marketing efforts to increase sales network construction, has set up Beijing, Chengdu, Laizhou other sales operation and the establishment of foreign trade offices, increase our overseas promotion, such as participation in overseas stone exhibition, the company promptly gather information, process feedback, regular and irregular conduct market research, to strengthen after-sales service, quality and efficiency of services provided, establish and improve market management service system.


The company passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification. Subsequently adopted ISO 9001:2003 quality management system certification.


The advent of the thickness setting machine, this revolutionary and historical product opened a good chapter for the import and export of ultra-thin granite slabs; the SQC series of infrared bridge stone cutters will be launched in the coming year, laying a solid foundation for the large-scale adoption of slabs.


Ship machinery was founded in 1990.

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