Stone Cutting Machine
SQC/PC-2200/2500/2800-4D 4 Post Guide Combined Block Cutting Machine
SQC/PC-2200/2500/2800-4D 4 Post Guide Combined Block Cutting Machine
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SQC/PC-2200/2500/2800-4D uses PLC system and Human-machine Interface, combined with Ultra-high precision rotary encoder to slice, uses inverter to control left-right feeding, adjusts speed according to the stone material. It uses hydraulic lifting system, combination of Chrome-plated guide pin and wear guide bush,with small gap,wearable, beautiful structure, and Guide Sleeve with multi-layer seals, with waterproof,dustproof, anti-spill,improving the service life. Forward-backward slicing uses high-precision screw nut driving, automatic slicing, main spare parts adopt imported good-quality materials; the block can be placed on the ground directly to economize the worktable and its maintenance costs; thus the whole machine is featured with high cutting efficiency, high slicing precision, flatness of plate after cutting, high stability, easy-operating to suit granite and marble block with high value.                                      
Note:360° rotating worktable can be selected if customer requires.    
SQC/PC-2200/2500/2800-4D 4 Post guide combined block cutting machine
Appellation unit SQC/PC-2200/2500/2800-4D 
Max.blade diameter mm Φ2200/Φ2500/Φ2800
Max.worktable length mm 3800/3500/3200
Max.worktable width mm 2200
Max.lifting stroke mm 1350
Water consumption m³/h 15
Power of main motor kw 37/45
Total power kw 47/55
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 8000×4400×3700(base to highest point)
Total power kg 16000
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