Stone Cutting Machine
SQC-450/600/700 Bridge Cutting Machine
SQC-450/600/700 Bridge Cutting Machine
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SQC-450/600/700 (Sliding Plate Type) uses PLC system and human-machine Interface, combined with Ultra-high precision rotary encoder to locate and infrared device,uses inverter to control left-right feeding, adjusts the speed according to the stone material.It uses hydraulic lifting system,main spare parts adopt imported good-quality materials.Thus the whole machine is featured as high cutting effciency,high cutting precision, high stability,easy-operating to suit granite and marble with high value and big size.

SQC-450/600/700 Bridge Cutting Machine
Appellation Unit SQC-450 SQC-600 SQC-700
Max.Blade diameter mm Φ450 Φ600 Φ700
Max.Lifting sroke mm 220 350 470
Worktable size mm 3200×2000
Worktable rotation range(optional) ° 0°- 90°/0°- 360° (Set up by each 45 degree)
Worktable turnover degree ° 0°- 85°
Max.height of cutting mm 100 180 220
Water consumption m³/h 3
Power of main motor kw 15 18.5 18.5
Total power kw 21 24 24
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 6000×4800×3100 6000×4800×3300 6000×4800×3300
Total weight kg 5400(10000kg including steel base) 5600 (10200kg including steel base) 5800 (10500kg including steel base)
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